Help Needed to Repair Blitzen's Torn ACLs

From skinny street dog to spoiled shelter pup, Blitzen can’t wait to complete her adoption journey!

Although she’s survived a lot since she was found, Blitzen isn’t out of the woods yet. This sweet girl has recently been diagnosed with two torn ACLs and she’s begging for donations to receive the surgery she desperately needs.


Blitzen's surgery is costly but her life is priceless. This survivor deserves the second chance she's been fighting so hard for, so please consider a donation of any amount. By saving her legs, you’ll be saving her life.

Blitzen is hoping you’ll help her by donating, fostering, or adopting her. She’s a social butterfly who loves people of all sizes, but because she doesn’t get along well with other dogs, she’s getting pretty stressed out here. She'd rather be at home, snuggling in bed with you.

Any donations received beyond the cost of Blitzen's surgery will be used to save the lives of other animals in our shelter. Thank you so much for your compassion and support for homeless animals. We are forever grateful to animal lovers like you.



March 3         
Nail Trim Day
March 8         
MeowZen w/Dogs
March 17       
Pet Wash Day
March 8         
MeowZen w/Cats
May 19         
Walk 'N Wag

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