Keeping Hope Alive

The Hope Clinic began as a dream. Through hard work, perseverance, and the support of an amazing community, this huge accomplishment became a reality in November of 2014.

As our shelter grew, the number of animals we were helping to re-home grew as well. With the help of a wonderful clinic called Humane Ohio, along with many local veterinarians, every animal at LHS was spayed/neutered before going to his or her forever home. 

But homes were lining up before vet appointments could be made. We were struggling with the best problem a humane society could possibly have. We couldn't keep up with our adopters!

The idea of the Hope Clinic quickly blossomed. Within a year, this dream was developed, conquered, and finally born with your help and support. We now perform spay and neuter surgeries on-site, both for our shelter animals and for public animals! This means homeless pets aren't homeless for very long. We are saving more lives and your donation dollars are going further!  

The first surgery performed in the Hope Clinic - December 2014

The Hope Clinic has been the catalyst for another dream Lenawee Humane Society has had: an ongoing Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program! Our TNR pilot program launched in December 2014 and by the end of February 2015, we had spayed/neutered over 300 community cats! 

Because of the Hope Clinic, most of our residents are now spayed/neutered before they are even placed on the adoption floor. In just one year, our average length of stay for owner surrendered animals dropped from 39.4 days down to 16.5 days! Stray animals have a slightly longer average length of stay due to their required stray hold when they first arrive at the shelter. However, their numbers are also impressive, dropping from 33.0 days all the way down to 20.5 days

What do these numbers mean, you ask?
Most animals are now residing with us for only a few weeks - as opposed to a few months!

We must thank all of our supporters for believing in Lenawee Humane Society.
Because of you, we live in a world where dreams DO exist.

The Hope Clinic is also a low-cost spay/neuter clinic for publicly owned animals!
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Nail Trim Day
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MeowZen w/Dogs
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