"Pregnant cat" has a different secret

Remember Penelope, the "pregnant cat" abandoned at our shelter near the end of September?

After a few weeks with no changes and no kittens, Penelope was re-evaluated by our Hope Clinic team. Although she still appeared pregnant, we knew something wasn't right. Her lymph nodes were swollen and enlarged, so a biopsy procedure was performed in order to figure out the cause.

Sadly, our blue-eyed beauty has been diagnosed with lymphoma.

There is no cure for lymphoma, but we have promised Penelope that we will do everything possible to make sure the time she has left is the best she's ever had. She is not currently suffering, so her amazing foster family has agreed to foster her through our "Fospice Program" until Penelope tells us she's ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

We believe that every life matters and we know that you do too. You can help Penelope and others like her by donating today, volunteering with us, or signing up to be a foster parent. Saving lives isn't always easy, but it is always worth it, and we thank you for continuing this tough journey with us.

We will continue to keep you updated on Penelope's progress.



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