Why Become a Member?

Imagine walking through the brightly lit hallways leading back to our kennel areas. The bright colors lead you from room to room, and the sound of families gushing over excited dogs with wagging tails makes you smile. You hear soothing music playing over the sound system, and a cat waiting patiently in his cage sticks his arm out to say "Hey, come here!"

Suddenly, the lights go out. You can navigate only with the light from the windows to guide you, and the cat reaching for you suddenly stops. He's confused too. Imagine each system going down, one by one. When the electricity goes, so does the running water. Operations stop in the Hope Clinic. The furnace gives up and the bitter cold from outside slowly seeps inside. Imagine the warm, safe haven these homeless animals have come to depend on no longer existing. The outcome would be devastating; not only for current residents, but for future residents as well.

Lenawee Humane Society receives absolutely no government support. Tax dollars do not come to us. Instead, your humane society's survival is based solely on fundraisers, grant-funding, and your donations. We need your help.

Every success story happens because of you. Burt, the fourteen year old shih tzu, would not have survived and found a forever home without you. Patch, the deaf pitbull mix, may not have had a chance at an amazing life somewhere else. Countless animals have been saved, multiple families have been reunited, and many bonds have remained unbroken because of you. 

What does it mean to become a Lenawee Humane Society Member?

It means to choose love over everything else. It means that you are committed to saving lives and handing out second chances, over and over. Don't worry, you do not become a member based on the size of your wallet - you become a member based on the size of your heart. 

For a donation of $50 or more, you can join our team of passionate supporters. Choose the membership level that is best for you, check out the perks, and feel free to do a little dance when your official membership card arrives in the mail. After all, it's the one card in your wallet that really does give back.

Ready to become a member?



March 3         
Nail Trim Day
March 8         
MeowZen w/Dogs
March 17       
Pet Wash Day
March 8         
MeowZen w/Cats
May 19         
Walk 'N Wag

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