"Why can't I view the seized animals?"

Public Animal viewing is currently closed to the public in an effort to keep down the stress on the seized dogs, our staff and the public. 

All adoptions are being done through private interviews and scheduled appointments with pre-approved adopters only. If you are interested in saving a life, please apply here and become an approved adopter.

We do not have the manpower to show every animal to every applicant. It would be overwhelming for the dogs, our staff and the applicant. Pre-approved applicants are shown 3 to 4 dogs that match what they are looking for, at the time of their interview. No pictures are posted at this time. While the process may not work for everyone, it is what is best for the animals and seems to be working rather well with more than 50 animals matched up to their forever home so far.

We appreciate all the interest, support and understanding as we work through all the applications as quickly as we are able. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but the best interest of the animals is ALWAYS our top priority. Thank you!



March 3         
Nail Trim Day
March 8         
MeowZen w/Dogs
March 17       
Pet Wash Day
March 8         
MeowZen w/Cats
May 19         
Walk 'N Wag

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