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Our main goal at Lenawee Humane Society is to find amazing, loving homes for every single animal in our shelter. No two animals are the same, which means that no two Happy Tails are the same! We want to hear yours.

Have you adopted your best friend from LHS? Send your Happy Tail to swilkerson@lenhumanesoc.org and you may see it featured on our website and social media!

Check out the links on your right to see the happy animals adopted so far this year!

Although we do our best to take photos of everyone, not all adopted animals are pictured.

Recently shared with us...

Slinky | adopted September 2017
"He is such a good boy! And he wouldn't get on the couch even when invited. He loves going for rides!"

Apollo (Theo) | adopted May 2017
"Apollo is beyond the sweetest cat I've ever had. It's funny I went to the your humane society to look at a different kitten and fell in love with Apollo. He's been my best friend since."

Beau & Belle (Bieber & Nermal)
adopted March 2018 & May 2017
"We are head over heels in love with Beau (formerly Bieber) and Belle (formerly Nermal!) They have been a wonderful addition to our family. Thanks so much LHS!"

Seth | adopted September 2017
"Seth seems to be enjoying his new digs!"

Taylor Marie | adopted April 2014
"We got her 3 years and 5 months ago. She's spoiled and loved by everyone. She's my princess. She's everything to us. I'm happy she found us there."

Rudy (Fizzy) | adopted March 2016
"We adopted Fizzy, now known as Rudy, in March, 2016 from the Lenawee Humane Society and he has become the love of our lives!  He is the most wonderful, well-behaved dog I could have ever hoped for.  He came to us without a history and we have been consistently surprised by him.  We love him to pieces and we are so lucky to have found him!"

Gemini | adopted September 2017
"I just wanted to let everyone know that Gemini is doing phenomenal, her eye is not changing too much but she is still as sweet and loving as ever!!"

Misty (Bree) | adopted April 2010
"Seven years ago, we adopted a kitten named Bree (who we renamed Misty) from LHS. She immediately stole our hearts, and the heart of our Goldendoodle mix, Bow. As you can see in the pictures, they are napping buddies to this day. Misty brings our family so much joy every day. We are so grateful to LHS for introducing us to Misty and everything you do for the community."

Murphy (Hurricane) | adopted April 2017
"We named him Murphy and he is the most amazing little guy!"

Winston (Thunder) | adopted April 2017
"Winston (Thunder) has had a fun and busy first day home"

Elsie (Minerva) | adopted March 2017
"She has stole my heart! She is a sweetheart, and we are doing everything we can to make her healthy and happy. She loves her brothers, and they love her. She goes for walks with them each night, and sleeps in our bed. Nothing but the good life from here."

Lena (Jewels) | adopted April 2012
"Lena, formerly Jewels, adopted April 2012"

Sam & Dean (Alfredo & Reptar) |
adopted March 2017
"Alfredo and Reptar who we now call Sam and Dean are doing great!! Going to the Vet on Friday. We love them so much! Thank you for all that you do!"

Gayty | adopted March 2017
"Gayty is adjusting well to her new home and family!!! She is such a little sweetheart!"

Leia (Brownie) | adopted May 2016
"Leia started from the bottom now she's here. I adopted Leia, previously Brownie, in May 2016, and now she is a fully certified emotional support animal!"

Bella | adopted December 2016
"Wanted to send you an update on Bella, a flame-point siamese we adopted on 12-17-16. If you remember she was adopted and brought back because she was so shy. She is fitting in fine here and although she isn't laying on our laps yet, she will lay close beside us. We can even pick her up for a quick hug. She and my seal point have become fast friends."

Louie (Rooter) | adopted August 2016
"Just wanted to update you on Louie (previously Rooter). We adopted him back in August. Best decision we ever made!! Thank you!"

Axle | adopted February 2017
"Axle is loving his new home!"

Sammy | adopted February 2015
"2 years ago we adopted this beautiful, spoiled, very loved fur baby from the LHS! Best thing ever! Someone else's castaway has been our greatest treasure!"

Angus (Chris) | adopted September 2015

"I cannot thank Lenawee Humane Society enough for bringing this amazing little creature into my life. Its been 2 years in September and he has stolen our hearts... (and he's the king of this castle)"



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