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Blitzen has reached her goal of $2500!

Blitzen reached out to you for help. She’s currently living with two torn ACLs and needs surgery to repair them before she can begin the next chapter of her life. You quickly responded, and with the help of an anonymous donor matching your gift, reached Blitzen’s goal of $2500!

"Why can't I view the seized animals?"

Public Animal viewing is currently closed to the public in an effort to keep down the stress on the seized dogs, our staff and the public. 

All adoptions are being done through private interviews and scheduled appointments with pre-approved adopters only. If you are interested in saving a life, please apply here and become an approved adopter.

Seized Animals Officially Forfeited

We’re celebrating today! The seized animals have officially been forfeited!

These babies have had a rough start so there is still a long way to go, including heartworm checks, dentals, spay/neuters, and more.

Help Needed to Repair Blitzen's Torn ACLs

From skinny street dog to spoiled shelter pup, Blitzen can’t wait to complete her adoption journey!

Although she’s survived a lot since she was found, Blitzen isn’t out of the woods yet. This sweet girl has recently been diagnosed with two torn ACLs and she’s begging for donations to receive the surgery she desperately needs.

Lenawee Humane Society helps seize over 100 animals

On Friday, December 29th, 2017, Lenawee Humane Society was called out to a home in Onsted, where Lenawee County Animal Control needed help seizing animals from a home where they had no food or water and inadequate shelter. The conditions were inhumane, with frigid temperatures near 0 degrees and expected to drop over night.

TLC Staff donates to Lenawee Humane Society

(Adrian, MI – December 20, 2017) TLC is proud to announce that employees donated over $2,700.00 to the Lenawee Humane Society. During 2017, the employees of TLC Community Credit Union had the option of having payroll deductions every week to dress down and wear denim on Fridays. They also decided that part of the donation would be given to the Lenawee Humane Society. Jaime, from the Lenawee Humane Society, was pleased to say that these funds will help with future improvements and help cover the costs of caring for the animals.

"Pregnant cat" has a different secret

Remember Penelope, the "pregnant cat" abandoned at our shelter near the end of September?

After a few weeks with no changes and no kittens, Penelope was re-evaluated by our Hope Clinic team. Although she still appeared pregnant, we knew something wasn't right. Her lymph nodes were swollen and enlarged, so a biopsy procedure was performed in order to figure out the cause.

Sadly, our blue-eyed beauty has been diagnosed with lymphoma.

Boxer puppy found abandoned with parvo

On September 22, 2017 at 2:28pm, a sick boxer puppy was found abandoned in Adrian. The puppy was severely underweight, lethargic, and dehydrated. We feared the worst and immediately ran a test for parvovirus. The postive result quickly confirmed our fears.

Kitten struggles to fight deadly virus

Around 11:00am on September 21, 2017, a kitten named Cheerio was vomiting, had severe diarrhea, and was extremely lethargic. He was showing signs of feline panleukopenia, also known as feline parvovirus, a deadly virus that quickly attacks the intestines, bone marrow, and lymph nodes. 

Pregnant cat abandoned in parking lot

 At 8:11am on September 21, 2017, a young woman driving a blue Ford Focus pulled into our parking lot, retrieved a cat in a partially packaged live trap from her back seat, and attempted to enter our building. When she realized we were not open yet, she stuffed the trapped cat halfway inside of a dog house in front of our shelter, facing the busy road. 




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Nail Trim Day
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MeowZen w/Dogs
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MeowZen w/Cats
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Walk 'N Wag

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