Staff Members


Marcie M. Cornell, M.B.A. - Executive Director

Carol Wendelcke - Executive Assistant

Cathy Tuefel - Administrative Volunteer

Store & Finance

Jamie Camburn -  Events & Finance Manager

Heather Hutcherson - Store Associate


Christina Hutchison - Store Associate

Hope Clinic


Dr. Misty Sumner, D.V.M. - Veterinarian

Dr. Paul Taylor, D.V.M - Veterinarian



NOW HIRING - Veterinary Technician


Keelii Regalado - Veterinary Assistant


Sallie Dutoit - Scheduling Coordinator

Marcia Gora - Clinic Volunteer


Sasha Wilkerson, B.S. -  Communications Manager


Denise Dusseau - Volunteer Outreach Coordinator

Anita Allen - Outreach Volunteer


Danielle Grisham - Behavior Intake Coordinator


Stephanie Shay - Shelter Manager​​


Anne Mott - Animal Care Coordinator

Abby Mull - Animal Care Specialist​​​

Savana Nash - Animal Care Specialist​​

Keith Burnett - Shelter Attendant​​

​Shannon Skinner - Animal Care Specialist​​

Alex Gruel - Animal Care Specialist​​

Rachel Grisham - Animal Care Specialist​​

Sonny Jacobs - Animal Care Specialist​​

Watson Clark - Cat Room Volunteer



Judy Billington - Laundry Room Lead Volunteer

Judy Stewue - Laundry Room Volunteer

Sister Mary Helen Smolbrook - Laundry Room Volunteer



March 3         
Nail Trim Day
March 8         
MeowZen w/Dogs
March 17       
Pet Wash Day
March 8         
MeowZen w/Cats
May 19         
Walk 'N Wag

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